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Updates Galore! You're going to LOVE this...

Great things are happening in Kenya this week. It's incredible how faithful giving by the Cornerstone congregation is being turned into an outreach that will have a massive impact and legacy in Kenya. This week, funds were sent to complete the roof of the Rongo Church Admin building, funds were given to sustain the orphanage, and plans are being made to move the temporary church to the new church property.

Here's a video of the progress on the Rongo Church Property.

This video is a tour of the Church Admin Building.

One of the cool things about the new structures being built is that they are using the color Blue for the roof, just like our church in Tonganoxie. It's enjoyable to think that even though we are 9,000 miles away, the culture being built in Rongo is influenced by the culture we have in Tonganoxie.

The church Admin building roof construction

The completed "Cornerstone Blue" roof

The next phase of construction for this building is going to be adding floor tiles, windows, doors, stucco, paint, and electricity. We do not yet have the funds to complete the building, but are believing for partners to help to finish the project. Click Here if you'd like to donate to this effort.

In other news, the orphanage sent us a video of the children singing during the Sunday morning church service. It's a blessing to know that we are feeding and educating these precious children. $50 per month supports a child who has been orphaned or a young girl whose been rescued from female genital mutilation. We do appreciate our monthly supporters.

The orphanage children singing during Sunday morning service.

Part of our mission in Kenya is to build facilities on the Rongo Property to house the orphans we are supporting. These children are precious to God and our desire is to help them find their purpose without the worry of needing to find food or shelter. Thank you to everyone who is passionate about this portion of the Kenya mission.

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

James 1:27

Please continue to pray for the Mission in Kenya. We are undertaking projects that without the Divine Intervention of God will fail. We are trusting and believing the Lord is with us in this work.

Check back here next week for more updates!

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