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CFW Rongo Site Map

This week we want to share the site map for the Rongo church property. In the past few weeks, construction for the restrooms and the office building have been moving ahead very quickly. They are working on the finishing touches for the restrooms and still have to install windows, doors, tiles, and electricity for the office building.

The site map below shows the temporary church structure and a modern church marked on the property. The plan is to bring the building from the leased property to the new property and expand it by 50% until the funds are available to start construction on the permanent church building.

We have also mapped the future location for our missionary housing and the rescue center building.

So many great things are happening on the property, but probably the best thing is the HOPE being built in the hearts of those involved. The construction of the property is an investment in the people of Kenya. We believe God will move in that area and use this facility to minister to thousands.

Do you want to see the ACTUAL church property on Google Maps? Great! Click the button below to see it on google maps.

Thank you to EVERYONE who is making this dream a reality. Without the support of faithful donors, we would not be able to continue this work in Kenya. God bless you for your prayers and financial donations.

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