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Rongo Church Latrine

The church plant is building a state of the art restroom facility to meet the needs of the new church building to be constructed in the near future. 


New Office Building in Rongo

The church will need a place to store equipment and provide a place for the caretaker to live. We hope to build this building in 2023

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School Fees

School is expensive in Kenya. CFW offers scholarships to as many children as we can to help pay for these costs. Through education, our hope is that these children will find a better life. 

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Construction of a New Church in Rongo

Our dream is to build a church facility that will house our service, orphanage, missionary, and rescue center. 

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Rescue Center

The girls rescue center was founded by Missionary Pamela Smith. Many girls in Kenya are faced with Female Genital Mutilation. The rescue center provides a safe place for girls to live without fear of being harmed by their family or tribe. 

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Feeding Orphans

Since 2020 CFW has been committed to providing food, shelter, and education for children in Kenya. Through monthly support, we are making a difference in each child's lives. 

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