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Tuesday Update 2/7/23

What a great week for CFW Kenya!

First up, if you missed hearing Missionary Pamela Smith speak at CFW Tonganoxie on Sunday, you'll definitely want to watch. She provided updates on all the projects she is working on in Kenya. It was a blessing to have her with us; we hope it blesses you as you hear her tell of what God is doing in Kenya.

You can watch the service right now!

Next, Pastor Benard sent a video of part of the Sunday Service, which took place in Rongo. What a blessing to see the Lord worshipped in Kenya! It's such a blessing to hear the Lord worshipped in the native language of the Rongo region of Kenya.

And finally, we want to share some updates for the new building. This new building will be the church office, caretaker's home, and storage building. This building is essential to building a permanent location for the Rongo Church. Once this building is complete, we will move the existing, temporary, metal church building from the rental property to the owned property.

We have the funds to complete the shell of this building, but we are praying for additional support to finish the roof, tile the floors, and connect it to electricity. If you'd like to support this project, please click the giving link above and make sure you send us a note that you'd like your support to help us finish this building.

Here are some pictures of the progress:

Please continue to lift this project up to the Lord in your prayers. We are impacting the world for Jesus, and the enemy would love to stop our efforts, but we know that the enemy is defeated and God's will is being accomplished. Let's just pray for His will over this entire effort.

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