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Current Needs:
  • Office Building Roof...$2,000

  • Property Fence...$3,000

  • Sheet Metal for Enlarging Rongo Church...$900

  • Monthly Support for Orphans...$50 per child

  • Yearly High School Fees...$400 per child

  • Yearly Vocational School Fees...$750 per student

  • Pastoral Salary Support

  • Missionary Pamela Smith Support

  • Monthly Support for the Girls Rescue Center

  • Permanent Rongo Church Building...$200,000

Needs Meet:
  • Supporting 32 orphan children each month

  • Purchased Rongo Church Property

  • Built Rongo Office Building

  • Built Restroom Facility for the Rongo Property

  • Purchased the Land and Built the Opapo Church

  • Paid Tuition for 13 children

  • Purchased a new roof for the Orphanage

  • Planted 4 Churches in Kenya

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